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Coming Soon! Homeownership Navigator

Posted on: Monday, August 7th, 2017  //  under

Now more than ever Minnesotans need access to non-biased, trustworthy information about homeownership.

We’re excited to announce that we’re about to launch a new mobile-first tool for future homeowners!! The “Homeownership Navigator” is on its way!

Here at the Center, we’re focused on increasing access to homeownership opportunities. Especially for low- and moderate-income households and households of color.

We know that children of homeowners do better in school. Homeowners are more engaged in their communities. Homeowners, in the long run, are wealthier than non-homeowners. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the benefits of homeownership!

For months we’ve been hard at work with leaders in online technology. We’ve held interviews with community focus groups and potential users. We’ve heard from Homeownership Advisors and real estate professionals. The result is the ‘Homeownership Navigator.’ A tool that provides a personalized plan to successful homeownership.

It always shocks us to read incorrect information about the home buying online or in the media. When an online article states that a consumer needs to put 20% down (false) or banks aren’t lending (false) or any of the other myths we’ve seen, it makes us want to shout at our phone/computer.

But we’re proud to say we’ve found a way to cut through the all the clutter!

Know someone who is thinking about buying a home? Our Homeownership Navigator can get them trustworthy, non-biased information right on their smartphone.

We’re keeping things simple. The easy-to-use Navigator tool will help buyers assess their homeownership readiness. It shares helpful tips and advice on the right steps to take. Right on their phone and without having to share any personally-identifying information.

Buyers can learn about important topics like how savings and credit affect the cost of ownership. Most importantly, the Navigator tool quickly and easily connects buyers with their personal Homeownership Advisor. With the Homeownership Navigator, buyers can navigate from homeownership dream to homeownership reality!

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