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About Us

The Minnesota Homeownership Center believes that smart, sustainable homeownership plays an essential role in building assets for people and families.

Homeownership is the key ingredient of vibrant communities where engaged citizens, caring neighbors, thriving schools and healthy people come together.



For nearly 25 years, the Minnesota Homeownership Center has helped more than 200,000 people get the unbiased information they need to make smart choices to buy or keep their home. Through the Homeownership Advisors Network — our network of nearly 50 nonprofit and local government partners across Minnesota that deliver our high-quality programs — we make sustainable homeownership possible.

Our Programs and Services:

YellowBullet   Homebuyer Services.     Through classes and one-on-one counseling, we help homebuyers get access to the information they need to make smart choices on budgeting, choosing loans, selecting homes and more.

YellowBullet   Foreclosure Assistance. Our network is trained, equipped and connected to help people facing foreclosure stay in their homes.


Homeownership isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s an investment in community.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center empowers homeowners, homebuyers and their communities to make smart choices so that homeownership reaches its potential to add real value to everyone in Minnesota.

Beyond our core services, the Center coordinates and learns from the Homeownership Advisors Network’s collective experiences to inform the public and state leaders about homeownership trends and needs. The Center also participates in regional and statewide partnerships where the homeownership perspective contributes to anchoring vibrant communities where engaged citizens, safe neighborhoods, thriving schools and healthy people converge.




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