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Overview and Mission

The Minnesota Homeownership Center promotes and advances successful homeownership in Minnesota.

Homeownership is good for people, families and communities. At the core of our mission is the belief that low- and moderate-income households have a right to the benefits of long-term homeownership – and we given them the information needed to make smart homeownership choices for their lives. Supporting smart, stable homeownership is at the heart of our work to empower people and families to live healthier, richer lives and to create vibrant communities.


The Homeownership Center Mission


The Center provides ongoing training and technical assistance to the Homeownership Advisors Network so, together, we can deliver nationally-recognized, high-quality education programs and one-on-one consultations for homebuyers and homeowners.


The Center produces research that shares trends, themes and insights gained from the work of the Homeownership Advisors Network – a network of nearly 50 nonprofits and local governments across Minnesota.


The Center partners with nonprofits, lenders, state and local government leaders and others to ensure smart, successful homeownership anchors vibrant communities across Minnesota. We deliver our services through partnerships with the Homeownership Advisors Network – a network of nearly 50 nonprofit and local governments across Minnesota. The Center and the Network also lend a homeownership perspective to coalitions across Minnesota, helping to ensure that homeownership remains an anchor of vibrant communities where engaged citizens, safe neighborhoods, thriving schools and healthy people converge.


The Center works with people across the state to educate them about the benefits of homeownership, and to connect them with partners and resources that can support them in the process. We have helped 200,000 Minnesotans begin and sustain successful homeownership.