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Celebrate Homeownership Month

Your Homeownership Story Starts this June … You can do it!


welcome-to-our-home-1205888_1920To celebrate Homeownership Month, the Minnesota Homeownership Center, HomeStretch and many members of the Homeownership Advisors Network are offering free or reduced prices on homebuyer education to potential homebuyers and fun giveaways throughout the month.

We know secure homeownership is the key to creating vibrant communities and that successful homeownership is possible through smart choices based on solid information. Nothing supports successful homeownership better than trustworthy information.
Is it time for you to say …  helloHOME?

To find an upcoming Home Stretch™, in-person workshop, click here.

To connect with your personal Homeownership Advisor about a counseling session, click here.


In addition to FREE workshop opportunities during National Homeownership Month… the following members of the Homeownership Advisors Network are offering  FREE CREDIT REPORTS to homebuyer counseling clients through the end of the month:

BlueBullet   African Development Center

BlueBullet   African Economic Development Solutions

BlueBullet   Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin

BlueBullet   Headwaters Regional Development Commission

BlueBullet   PRG, Inc.

BlueBullet   Scott County Community Development Agency

BlueBullet   Three Rivers Community Action

BlueBullet   Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority


Celebrate Homeownership Month this June!!