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June Homeownership Month Highlight: PRG, Inc.

Homeownership Advisor Network Highlight: PRG, Inc.

June is National Homeownership Month, and as part of our celebration, the Center is proud to feature the amazing network of Homeownership Advisors and Educators who work tirelessly to make homeownership possible for thousands of Minnesota families every year.

We’re saying thank you to one of the longest-running homeownership programs in the city of Minneapolis and one of the original members of the Homeownership Advisors Network: PRG, Inc.

PRG, Inc. is one of several Network members that tackles the housing needs of the communities they serve with passion. PRG not only educates and counsels first-time homebuyers working their way to homeownership, but also offers post-purchase and foreclosure prevention services. They even build or redevelop their own single-family and multi-family housing projects.

                           Erin Wilson, PRG, Inc.

Erin Wilson, PRG’s housing counselor since 2001, loves working with first-time buyers to take the mystery out of understanding credit reports and the process of buying a home. Each client brings their own unique set of circumstances and barriers to homeownership. Erin loves connecting buyers with the tailored resources and assistance they need to make homeownership a reality.

Recently Erin shared with us a personal success story. A client she has been working with since 2013 – yes, over FOUR YEARS of personal coaching and assistance – was finally able to purchase a home after going through a divorce, bankruptcy and even a short sale of her previous home. Erin worked with this client to overcome several obstacles, rebuild her credit and purchase a new home.

Non-profit, non-biased advisors make no money off of your homeownership purchase and most services are completely free for buyers. No matter how long it takes, the Homeownership Advisors Network stands by their clients, coaching them through the entire process until they are able to successfully purchase a home. It may not be easy – but you’ll always have an advocate in your corner when you work with a member of the Homeownership Advisors Network.

Mindy Van Huffel, a manager and Homeownership Advisor at PRG, puts it succinctly: “We get it, life happens.” She understands how much work it takes for many of PRG’s clients to successfully purchase their first home in Minnesota’s tough market.

“Often, [our clients] have worked for several years to feel prepared to try again. I get to hear from people about the hard work they have done to pay down debt or the sacrifices they have made to start saving and I am left with nothing but admiration for them. Of course, we celebrate when people achieve their goal of buying a home. But we are just as excited to celebrate all the ‘wins’ and accomplishments along the way.” We celebrate those wins right along with you, Mindy!

The Center thanks Mindy and Erin – and all of PRG, Inc. – for their long-term commitment to bringing the benefits and pride of homeownership to Minneapolis families!

As members of the Center’s Homeownership Advisors Network, they are among the highest-quality, trained, certified homeownership professionals in the country. Together with the 40 other agencies in our Network, PRG Inc. provides families with the knowledge to make smart choices in achieving their personal homeownership goals.