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Foreclosure Prevention Success: Johnson’s Story

Foreclosure Prevention Success: Johnson’s Story

In early 2012, Johnson Sendolo faced an unexpected medical emergency requiring immediate surgery. Recovery took weeks and, unable to work, Johnson fell behind in his mortgage… and many other bills. Things had progressed to the point that Johnson was unable to keep the lights on in his Woodbury home.

Desperate, Johnson was connected with Nicola Viana from the Washington County HRA, a member of the Minnesota Homeownership Center’s Homeownership Advisor Network who was able to help get his payments – including his now almost-foreclosed house payment – back on track.

Johnson is now caught up… and enjoying life as a successful homeowner.

Founded in 1993, the Minnesota Homeownership Center is celebrating 20 years of promoting successful homeownership throughout the state and has been one of the state’s primary responders to the foreclosure crisis. Thanks to the tireless work of Homeownership Advisors like Nicola… Johnson’s success story is lived every day by dozens of Minnesota families that struggle with mortgage payments and are able to avoid foreclosure.


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Homebuyer Success: Tawana’s Story

Enjoy this video about a recent homebuyer tells us in her own words how, with the help of her homeownership advisor supported by the Minnesota Homeownership Center, she was able to purchase her first home:

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Foreclosure Prevention Success: Molly’s Story

Molly and her then-husband started looking for a home in the fall of 2005. It was something they had always wanted – something she’d always wanted. “We found this absolute gem of a place in South Minneapolis,” gushed Molly. The couple closed in December of that year.

Unfortunately, the fairy-tale didn’t continue into the following year. Molly and her husband separated that following fall, leaving her to shoulder their new mortgage on her own.


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