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In addition our work in foreclosure and homebuying, the Center recognizes the need to develop and compile homeownership reports, data, research and case studies to support the information needs of homeownership industry professionals and community stakeholders working on homeownership issues.

Highlighted Homeownership Reports:

    Foreclosures in Minnesota (Midyear, 2012)

County-by-county report on foreclosure sales (based on Sheriff’s sale data) for foreclosures in Minnesota through June, 2012.

    Cost Study Report

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Gaining a Better Understanding of the Costs of Homeownership Programs.


Other Homeownership Report Options:

    Annual Reports

    Foreclosure Prevention Reports

    Homebuyer Education (Home Stretch) Reports


Additional Resources:

    Housing Information, Trends, Links and other Resources

    Credit Repair and Rehab Programs

    Refinance Counseling in Minnesota