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Long-term successful homeownership requires work.  The Minnesota Homeownership Center has brought together tools and resources to help!


 If you are struggling with your mortgage payments – or already behind – speak with a FREE, effective non-profit homeownership advisor today.

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 Personalized refinance counseling sessions provide homeowners with an opportunity to compare a current mortgage against a potential refinanced mortgage or second mortgage.  Homeownership Advisors take time to compare the terms with you, and to tell you what those changes will mean for your monthly finances – in real terms.

In Minnesota, if you have a “special mortgage” – a loan from a state, local or tribal government or nonprofit organization with payments that vary with income, zero or deferred interest or other unique conditions – state law requires you obtain a certificate from a qualified Refinance Counselor before you refinance your loan.

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One of the key components of successful homeownership is financial management or use of credit. If you would like to learn to manage your money effectively and make wise financial decisions, the Center has produced a PDF document that can help you connect with the following services:

?  Trustworthy credit repair & debt management assistance

?  Financial literacy classes (budgeting, debt reduction, asset building, building a good credit rating, consumer protection and how to work with Financial Institutions)

?  Individual Asset Development / FAIM program information (matched savings accounts)

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 The Center has created an easy-to-use resource listing home repair and rehab assistance programs throughout the state of Minnesota. Programs included in the resource include:

?  emergency repair,

?  energy efficiency upgrades,

?  lead hazard abatement, and

?  general repair.

Some funds are direct grants to homeowners and others are loans, usually with below market interest rates or forgivable terms. The resource outlines dozens of programs available throughout the state and includes information on who to contact and how to apply.

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