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Helpful Fact Sheets

Home is more than a building.  We know that.

Home is where your family lives. A constant place to return to. Your home is an investment in yourself and your community.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center has developed a series of fact sheets that provide comprehensive information foreclosure and foreclosure prevention to help you stay in your home.

Foreclosure Fact Sheets: Before the Sheriff’s Sale

    The Foreclosure Process in Minnesota (Infographic)

    Tips for working with your lender

    Understanding Workout Options

    How to Write a Hardship Letter

    Sample Hardship Letter

    Understanding the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

    Bankruptcy and Foreclosure FAQ

    Stripping off Second Mortgage in Bankruptcy

    Foreclosure Sale Postponement FAQ

    Consumer Alert: Fees for Loan Modifications

Foreclosure Fact Sheets: During the Redemption Period

    Your Rights During Minnesota’s Redemption Period

    Redeeming After a Foreclosure Sale

    Renting After a Foreclosure

Foreclosure Fact Sheets: After the Redemption Period

    Eviction After Redemption Period

    Understanding Deficiency Judgments

 Foreclosure Fact Sheets: Other Important Information

    Short Sale Considerations
    Fair Housing Complaint Process

    Tax Issues with Foreclosures and Workouts

    Facts about Discount Payoffs

    Mortgage Debt Forgiveness (for foreclosure debt forgiveness through calendar year 2014)

    Minnesota’s Tax Forfeiture Process

    Homeowner Association Liens and Foreclosure

    Manufactured Home Repossession