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Foreclosure Postponement Information

Minnesota state law allows you to delay the foreclosure sale of your home.

Postponing a foreclosure sale (Sheriff’s Sale) gives you additional time to bring your mortgage current.

The trade-off is that it also reduces your redemption period to just five weeks (instead of the standard 6 months).

Note:   Before deciding to delay or postpone a Foreclosure Sale, homeowners should consult with a non-profit Homeownership Advisor that specializes in foreclosure prevention to understand the pros and cons of a postponement. To find your local Homeownership Advisor, click here.

 Online Foreclosure Postponement Tool:

The Minnesota Legal Services Coalition, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services and the Minnesota Homeownership Center have partnered on the creation of a free online tool to assist with the postponement process. The tool will ask you a series of simple questions and then automatically fill out the legal forms you need along with a set of simple instructions on how to file the form properly.

Facts About Foreclosure Postponement:

Our FAQ covers the basic steps that need to be taken (or follow instructions in the free online tool):

YellowBullet   Postponement of Foreclosure FAQ

YellowBullet   Blank Affidavit of Postponement

 The information on the FAQ is provided as a service of the Minnesota Homeownership Center and is not legal advice.  Consult a competent legal professional for advice specific to your situation.

Postponement Information Video

The information we’ve outlined in the FAQ above is also available in video format here: WhiteSpace