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Know Your Foreclosure Options

Know Your Options, See what's Possible

Your home is your most valued investment. Home is so much more than a building. Home keeps us connected to our families, our neighbors and our communities.  Knowing your foreclosure options can help you keep your home.

You do have foreclosure options!

Many Minnesotans are struggling with rising mortgage payments or loss of income. Others are working to balance their mortgage with the rising costs of food, gas and other needs.

If you are concerned about maintaining this balance and staying in your home, you’re not alone—and you have foreclosure options!

      Mortgage Payments / Foreclosure Prevention

      Property Taxes (Tax forfeiture)

      Homeowner Association Payments or HOA Liens

      Manufactured Home Repossession 

Remember, Homeownership Advisors that specialize in foreclosure prevention are available to help too.