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  • Open Position: Learning Solutions Administrator Oversee management, operations and quality assurance of our online Learning Management System (LMS)… Read more
    Homes lost to foreclosure in 2014 continues to drop Center releases data on the first half of 2014. Foreclosures sales in Minnesota down 36% year over year.… Read more
    Preforeclosure Notices Continue Dramatic Decline Notices received by Minnesota households in the first half of 2014 are lowest on record.… Read more
  • Additional evidence shows foreclosure counseling works! New report based on NFMC program data confirms efficacy of counseling… Read more
    Center Director Receives Federal Appointment Will serve on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) Consumer Advisory Board.… Read more
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Success Stories

Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative (EMHI)

EMHI is a program designed to increase homeownership opportunities for Minnesota'’s emerging markets.  New report on racial disparities in homeownership available!Click here to read more!

Resources for Homeowners

  • Credit Repair / Financial Wellness
  • Refinance Counseling
  • Home Repair, Maintenance and Rehab Programs
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Resources for Profesionals

  • Real Estate Agent or REALTOR?
  • Lender or Mortgage Broker?
  • Social worker, clergy, government?

Resources to help your clients become, and remain, successful homeowners.

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