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The Latest News

  • Preforeclosure Notices Continue Decline Record low number of 4,998 preforeclosure notices received by struggling MN homeowners. … Read more
    Center releases preforeclosure data, Q2 2015 Second Quarter Preforeclosure notices - 5,459 notices received by MN households fewest on record. … Read more
    June Homeownership Month Prize Winners Announced The Center concludes our successful Homeownership Month celebrations!… Read more
  • Own Your Future - Own Your Home First time buyers in the City of Minneapolis may qualify for new down payment program - up to $7,500. … Read more
    Center releases preforeclosure data, Q1 2015 First Quarter Preforeclosure notices received in certain geographic areas show a dramatic increase. … Read more
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Homeownership Opportunity Alliance

The Center is leading a statewide coalition to create systemic changes to close Minnesota's homeownership gap!Click here to read more!

Resources for Homeowners

  • Credit Repair / Financial Wellness
  • Refinance Counseling
  • Home Repair, Maintenance and Rehab Programs
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Resources for Professionals

  • Real Estate Agent or REALTOR?
  • Lender or Mortgage Broker?
  • Social worker, clergy, government?

Resources to help your clients become, and remain, successful homeowners.

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