The History of Homeownership in Minnesota

Learn How to Discharge a Racial Covenant

A Legacy of Engineered Inequity

Homeownership is the #1 way families build wealth in America. But households of color were systemically barred from ownership for generations via racial deed covenants and redlining. While these overt practices have largely been set aside, their destructive impacts remain.

Minnesota’s racial homeownership gap is one of the largest in the country today.

Take some time to view the Twin Cities Public Television documentary Jim Crow of the North to learn more about how it was created.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center is working to reduce this gap.

Black Homeowners — In Their Own Words

We talked with Black families who want to own a home, and they shared how important it is to hear from existing Black homeowners – for inspiration, hope and the reminder that homeownership IS possible. These videos are their stories, in their own words. Take a look!