Refer Your Clients to Homebuyer Advising and Education

Our network of nonprofit Homeownership Advisors offer unbiased advice tailored to your client’s unique financial situation. They can also help your client determine eligibility for down payment assistance, grants, and special loans.

Benefits of Partnering How We Can Help

An Advisor doesn’t take the place of the services you’re providing — they complement them.

Having an Homeownership Advisor on board can make your work easier, and help the process of buying a home or securing a loan go more smoothly.

You can help your client find the right Homeownership Advisor using our search tool. Filter by language, location and more. 

Find an Advisor on Behalf of a Client

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Partnering with a Homeownership Advisor allows you to…

  • Serve more clients, more successfully than you could on your own
  • Cultivate future business and personal referrals
  • Empower more consumers in their pursuit of wealth building
  • Help reduce the racial ownership gap
  • Offer past clients professional help to keep their home when times get tough

How The Center Can Help

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Homeownership Advisors:

  • Professionally evaluate mortgage readiness 
  • Determine homebuyers’ purchasing power
  • Identify applicable down payment assistance
  • Are as diverse as the communities you serve
  • Prepare consumers for successful closing

Find an Advisor Agency

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Homebuyer Education:

  • Explains the full homebuying process
  • Lays out the responsibilities involved with ownership
  • Empowers smart homeownership choices
  • Is delivered by experts living in the community
  • Prepares consumers for successful closing

Find Homebuyer Education Classes

Remember: Advisor services are always free — for you and your client

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