Why Do I Need a Homeownership Advisor?

Whether you’re looking for guidance around purchasing a home, mortgage readiness, refinancing your current mortgage, entering into a reverse mortgage or avoiding mortgage foreclosure, our advisors can help you to achieve your goal and move forward from a foundation designed for long-term success.

Five Reasons to Work With a Homeownership Advisor:

1— For expert help

Buying a home may be one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever undertake. There are many steps to the process, and many unknowns: What kind of home loan should you get and how do you qualify? Are there any down payment assistance programs you might be eligible for? If you already own, when does refinancing make sense? And how can you keep your home if times get tough? Navigating these steps and questions by yourself can feel overwhelming. The Minnesota Homeownership Center is here to help.

2— For unbiased education and advice

Our network of nonprofit Homeownership Advisors offers nonbiased, expert, and free advice tailored to your unique situation. 

3— To have someone in your corner

Your Homeownership Advisor stands up for you and advocates on your behalf at every turn, supporting you in making informed decisions and ensuring you get the best possible terms for your transaction. They stay by your side through the entire process. 

4 — Because homeownership advisor services are free

Homeownership Advisors are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and their services are paid for via a variety of federal, state and local grants. The Minnesota Homeownership Center serves as a HUD Intermediary, overseeing a network of HUD-approved advisors embedded in community-based organizations across the state.

5 — We have an advisor for YOU

If you’re seeking a homeownership advisor who speaks your language, shares your background, and/or has an office nearby, you can use our search tool to find someone who will be a great fit.

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Patricia Aguilar

Homeownership Advisor, CAPI USA

I’m a Venezuelan immigrant who came to the U.S. in 2018. I have an 11-year background in Economics, Finance, and Banking. In November 2020, I joined CAPI USA as a Financial Coach. My favorite thing about my job is the opportunity to help other people like me who are trying to rebuild their lives for themselves and their families.

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