For Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner took a lot of work, and your home is where you belong. The Minnesota Homeownership Center is here to help you stay in your home when times get tough.

Whether you’re looking for rehab and repair programs, guidance around mortgage refinancing, entering into a reverse mortgage or avoiding foreclosure, our advisors can help you keep your home safe and move forward from a foundation designed for long-term success.

Find homeowner advisors by expertise near you:

Foreclosure Prevention Mortgage Refinancing Reverse Mortgage

Why Do I Need an Advisor? Rehab and Repair Programs

Types of Homeowner Advising

  • Mortgage Refinancing – Certain mortgage loans require a certificate from a qualified Refinance Advisor before you can refinance or take on a second mortgage.
  • Reverse Mortgage – The law requires you participate in Reverse Mortgage Advising before utilizing this financial tool.
  • Foreclosure Avoidance – Foreclosure Prevention Advisors work hand-in-hand with you and your lender to map a path forward. Act early as waiting can severely limit your options!