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Board of Directors

The Minnesota Homeownership Center was created in 1993 by a collaboration of organizations concerned about making homeownership affordable and sustainable for an extended range of Minnesotans. The diversity of this collaboration – housing non-profit organizations, REALTORS, mortgage finance agencies, local governments and other interests – is still represented in the diversity of the Center’s board:

Executive Committee:

YellowBullet      President:    Robyn Bipes-Timm, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

YellowBullet      Vice President:    David Wiese, Wells Fargo Bank

YellowBullet      Treasurer:    David Lindstrom, Midwest One

YellowBullet      Secretary:    Jill Aleshire, Caribou Coffee


Board Members:

YellowBullet     Andrea Brennan, Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development

YellowBullet     Christine Berger, Minnesota Association of REALTORS

YellowBullet     Marilyn Bruin, University of Minnesota

YellowBullet     Rosey Dickey, TCF National Bank

YellowBullet     Jim Erchul, Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Service

YellowBullet     Deborah Flannery, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

YellowBullet     Karen Gajeski, Thrivent Federal Credit Union

YellowBullet     Mike Happe, SFM Risk Solutions

YellowBullet     Nancy Healy, Bremer Bank

YellowBullet     Kasey Kier, Minnesota Housing

YellowBullet     Sara Kraft, Wings Financial

YellowBullet     Tasha Merritt, NeighborWorks Home Partners

YellowBullet     Fatima Moore, Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

YellowBullet     Noel Nix, City of Saint Paul

YellowBullet     Ela Rausch, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

YellowBullet     Keenan Raverty, Bell Mortgage

YellowBullet     Rose Teng, Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers

YellowBullet     Jen Thompson, US Bank

YellowBullet     Stephanie Vergin, USDA Rural Development

YellowBullet     Michelle Vojacek, St. Paul Planning and Economic Development