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Homeownership Is Possible! You Can Do It!

Are you buying a home in Minnesota?

Buying a home may be one of the best decisions you can make. Homeownership provides people and families a safe place to return to. It is a long-term asset that families can pass on to their children, creating a powerful legacy that can fuel success for future generations.

Homeowners contribute to vibrant communities because they are more involved in their schools, more engaged in their neighborhoods and more supportive of local businesses.

Purchasing a home may also be one of the biggest financial decisions you ever make. If you need help getting a mortgage, finding down payment assistance, improving your credit before you buy or simply navigating the process of buying your first home, the Homeownership Advisors Network is here to help you.


Smart Homeownership Choices Start With a Homeownership Advisor!  

Buying a home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Arm yourself with the information to make smart choices for you and your future – work with a Homeownership Advisor. Your personal advisor can help you decide if you’re ready to buy, review your budget and credit, and help you understand the mortgage process.

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What Every First-Time Buyer Needs to Know:  Homebuyer Education.

Taking a homebuyer education workshop helps prepare you for long-term homeownership success! We offer in-person or online homebuyer education that clearly explains the entire homebuying process. You will learn:

YellowBullet    How much home can I afford?

YellowBullet    How does a lender determine how much to loan me?

YellowBullet    What does a real estate agent do?  Do I really need one?

YellowBullet    How do I avoid scams? … and much more

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Looking for more information?  We have even more resources:

YellowBullet    Access to hundreds of different resources  about how to become a successful homeowner

YellowBullet    Information about down payment help and affordable mortgages

YellowBullet    Videos and fact sheets to help you buy a home in Minnesota

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Online Education

Framework now available!

Your online resource for answers to your homeownership questions… from any internet connection!


The best online homebuyer education workshop available.

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Homebuyer Reports

Homebuyer Reports

Information about the households served by the Homeownership Advisors Network

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Advisors Can Help

You’re Not Alone

A statewide network of non-profit Homeownership Advisors can answer YOUR homebuyer questions

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Down Payment

Are you eligible?

Dozens of programs are available, and we help you find them…all with one easy-to-use tool!

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