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Why is Homebuyer Education Important?

Owning a home is much more than a financial decision. Home is where you put down roots, grow your family, live your life and invest in your future.  Homebuyer education makes it possible.

The recent housing crisis has threatened the dream of homeownership for millions of Americans. How can you be sure that buying a home makes the most sense for you?

Homebuyer education can help you make smart choices for yourself and your family. Everyone in Minnesota has access to the education they need to make smart choices about homeownership. Services are available online, in person and by phone.

By completing homebuyer education, you may also qualify for special mortgages, down payment assistance, or other help that can make homeownership more affordable.



HOME STRETCH: In-Person Workshops

Homebuyer Education - HomeStretchHome Stretch offers in-person, classroom style workshops taught by experienced professionals:

  • Certified homebuyer educators
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Real estate agents
  • Home inspectors and many others

For more than 20 years, Home Stretch has provided over 100,000 Minnesotans with important information about buying – and keeping – your first home.

  • Preparing for homeownership
  • Avoiding scams
  • Choosing the right mortgage
  • Preparing for closing

Learn more and search for upcoming Home Stretch workshops here.

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FRAMEWORK®: Online Education

Framework® is the most comprehensive online homebuyer education course available to first-time homebuyers.

You can take this fun digital course anywhere, on your schedule.  You do not need to complete the course in one session. You can stop at any time. Upon returning, you can continue where you left off.

No special computer skills are needed. No software or programs are installed. All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection.

Learn more about Framework® here.

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Still have questions about homebuyer education? Contact a Homeownership Advisor today. Their FREE advice can get you on the road to homeownership.  Ask them about downpayment programs, too!