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Find a Homeownership Advisor

Homeownership Advisors can help you make smart choices about buying  your home.


Successful homeownership depends on smart choices based on solid information. Whether you are in the early stages of considering buying a home or have already found your dream house, our network of advisors is available to help you develop a long-term strategy for successful homeownership.


Don’t just buy; Buy smart.
Non-profit Advisors offer free, non-biased confidential services.

Our Homeownership Advisors only work to give you the best information. No spin, no commission, no games. Whether you prefer one-on-one consultations, small-group classes or online education, they can:

YellowBullet   Help you determine if you are ready to buy

YellowBullet   Help you calculate how much home you can afford

YellowBullet   Review your credit report with you

YellowBullet   Provide information on current mortgage loan programs

YellowBullet   Get you connected to down payment and closing cost assistance

YellowBullet   Personalize a plan to get YOU into homeownership

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