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You Can Avoid Foreclosure!

Did you Know?

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We’re here to help you avoid foreclosure.

Button_FindAForeclosureCounselorYou’ve come to the right place to explore your options and get non-biased, personal help.

We know how important homeownership is to you. It’s important to us too. The Minnesota Homeownership Center is here to help you avoid losing your home!

We oversee a statewide network of trusted nonprofit organizations. The Homeownership Advisors Network has more than 20 years of experience helping Minnesotans stop foreclosure. More than half of the time, we are able to help Minnesotans prevent foreclosure. There are no income minimums or maximums to receive service.  This free service is available to anyone who owns their home in Minnesota.

Getting Started: Preventing Foreclosure 

The first step is to talk with a FREE foreclosure counselor. Our network of advisors offers unbiased, confidential services to struggling homeowners. Your personal advisor can work with you to develop a plan of action.  They’ll help you work with your lender or servicer, review your finances and much more.  Don’t delay, waiting limits your options!

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Know Your Options: Helpful Information for YOUR Situation

Struggling with your mortgage payments?  Having a hard time paying property taxes or facing tax forfeiture?  Overwhelmed by homeowner association payments or HOA liens?  Facing repossession of your manufactured home?  No matter what your situation is, help is available.

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Foreclosure Questions?

You are NOT Alone

Our network of non-profit Homeownership Advisors can answer YOUR foreclosure questions

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Homeowner Association Liens?

Is your HOA Foreclosing?

Valuable information about Homeowner Association liens and HOA fees & payments

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Property Tax Issues?

Tax Forfeiture Info

Struggling with property tax payments or have property tax issues?

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Foreclosure Data

Foreclosures in Minnesota

The Center compiles information about foreclosure data in Minnesota and consumers seeking help

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