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Homeownership Opportunity Alliance


The Homeownership Opportunity Alliance is a coalition of engaged industry leaders who are actively dedicated to closing Minnesota’s homeownership gap. The ultimate goal of this coalition is to provide opportunities to collaboratively develop partnerships, programs, resources and best practices as a catalyst to systemic change that advances homeownership equity in Minnesota.



Documentation for Current Alliance Members:



For additional information about the Alliance or how to join,
please contact the Homeownership Center’s Executive Director,
Julie Gugin   –   (651) 236-8973



Additional Research and Information:

Leading up to the formation of this dedicated group, the Homeownership Center completed research, including several focus groups, in an effort to better understand the homeownership disparities among racial and ethnic groups:

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In addition, in the wake of the foreclosure crisis, in 2014 we completed an analysis of the current trends in homeownership analyzing the status of homeownership in our post-crisis environment. To view the report and additional information, click the link below:


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