Empowering Consumers, Transforming Traditional Industry Practices and Driving Advocacy Efforts

It’s a new and exciting year here at the Minnesota Homeownership Center, and we’re off to a fast start with the finalization of a strategic plan to guide our work over the next five years. Entitled Go Bold – Go Home, the plan lays out a clear vision for our future:

  • We will facilitate equitable access to successful and sustainable homeownership for those who are being left behind.
  • We will intensify our work in homeownership services while propelling bold and innovative solutions.
  • We will deliver results that will contribute to closing the racial homeownership gap in our state.

The plan is built around three strategic directives:

  • Empowering Consumers – Recast delivery of homeownership education and advising through consumer-driven approaches that heighten collaboration and incentivize deliberate innovation.
  • Transforming Traditional Industry Practices – Advance the role of homeownership advisors, ensure sustainability of programming and create improved access to resources for consumers.
  • Driving Advocacy Efforts – Elevate homeownership as a critical element in the housing continuum. Advance the conversation around the importance of equitable access to homeownership as a key determinant in educational, employment, health and wealth attainment.

And it calls out what we expect to have achieved by the end of 2024:

  • Transformative models of homeownership access will be operationalized and championed with our industry partners.
  • Homeownership will be a prominent and pervasive part of the public discourse across sectors, and we will have recorded notable results in removing barriers.
  • All families will have equitable access to the dream of stable housing and stable lives through homeownership.

Finally, it includes the following metrics by which we will determine our success:

  • Increase the number of consumers we counsel and educate each year by at least 20 percent.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of real world, people-centered models of service delivery across all cultures.
  • Fund a variety of breakthrough ideas that transform our sector.
  • Positively impact the financial lives of more than 90,000 households over the next five years.

Stay tuned for a public document inviting new and existing stakeholders to join us in this critical work!