This month we’re taking a closer look at four myths that can cause people to self-select out of potential homeownership. This week’s segment – Myth: You’re On Your Own

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming prospect. Can you afford it? How do you find a realtor? Will you be approved for a mortgage? And how the heck do you get answers to these questions? The whole process can seem so overwhelming that you may just shelve the idea. And that would be a shame…

The truth is, you’re not on your own when it comes to finding answers to these questions and successfully navigating and completing this complex transaction. The Minnesota Homeownership Center works with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, numerous social impact foundations and city- and county-level government agencies from across the state to fund a network of Homeownership Advisors. From Moorhead to Duluth, Rochester to Slayton, the Twin Cities and everywhere in between, these nonprofit experts offer free assistance to individuals exploring the purchase of their own home. They can access your credit score and guide you through steps to improve it when necessary. They can navigate down payment assistance and special loan and grant programs you may qualify for based on your individual circumstances. And they can serve as a sounding board for any new or unexpected developments that may come up during the process. In summary, they’re right by your side whenever you need them from your first meeting to the closing of your loan.

Did we mention that Homeownership Advisor services are free? We did, but it bears repeating. The foundations and government agencies that invest in the Homeownership Center to provide these services via nonprofit partners across the state do so because they know there’s a big return on their investment. Access to the wealth-building benefits of sustainable homeownership accrue not only to the home owner, but also to the neighborhood, community, region and state. We all believe that equitable access to homeownership is essential to strong communities, and creates opportunities for generations to come.

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