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Foreclosure Counseling Proven Effective – Again

December 22, 2010

Back in November of 2009, the Washington Post had a headline proclaiming: “Counseling Helps Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure,” citing a report of a study conducted by the Urban Institute of Washington D.C. Now, thanks to...

Shopping For A Mortgage

December 15, 2010

According to a LendingTree/Harris Interactive survey released on December 14th, about 40% of recent home buyers obtained JUST ONE mortgage loan quote before purchasing their home. According to the survey of just over 1,300 buyers,...

Update on Minnesota's Homeownership Gap

December 13, 2010

This post is a guest post by Dr. Kim Skobba, a research and communications consultant that works with the Minnesota Home Ownership Center on Affordable Housing issues and housing policy.  Dr. Skobba publishes her...

Filling the Foreclosure Funding Gap

December 2, 2010

The Good News:Minnesota Housing announced a $1 million award to the Minnesota Home Ownership Center yesterday during a press conference held at a foreclosed property on Saint Paul’s east side. The award comes at...

NEW Foreclosure Prevention Service Map

November 30, 2010

Over the past few years of the foreclosure crisis in Minnesota, both housing industry professionals and social service agencies have requested an easy-to-use map of service areas covered by the Center’s network of foreclosure counseling...

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