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Homeownership Advisors Network


The Minnesota Homeownership Center provides leadership and coordination to the Homeownership Advisors Network, a statewide network of more than 50 public, private and nonprofit providers that offers education and advising services for homebuyers and homeowners.

Members of the Homeownership Advisors Network are the highest quality, trained, certified homeownership professionals in the state. Together, we provide people and families with the knowledge they need to make smart choices to achieve their personal goals, whether buying a home, avoiding foreclosure and remaining financially stable. Our goal is to promote smart, sustainable homeownership for every Minnesotan that hopes to own – and to ensure that homeownership continues to anchor vibrant communities statewide.


Members of the Homeownership Advisors Network:

BlueBullet   1st Home Network

BlueBullet   African Development Center

BlueBullet   African Economic Development Solutions

BlueBullet   African Families Development Network

BlueBullet   Anoka County Community Action Program

BlueBullet   Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency

BlueBullet   Bii Gii Wiin

BlueBullet   Carver County Community Development Agency

BlueBullet   Central Minnesota Housing Partnership

BlueBullet   Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES)

BlueBullet   City of St. Paul Planning & Economic Development

BlueBullet   Community Action Duluth

BlueBullet   Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County

BlueBullet   Dakota County Community Development Agency

BlueBullet   Headwaters Regional Development Commission

BlueBullet   Hmong American Partnership

BlueBullet   KOOTASCA Community Action

BlueBullet   Lakes and Prairies Community Action

BlueBullet   Lao Assistance Center

BlueBullet   LSS Financial Counseling

BlueBullet  Minneapolis Urban League

BlueBullet   Model Cities, Inc.

BlueBullet   Neighborhood Development Alliance

BlueBullet   NeighborWorks Home Partners

BlueBullet   Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority

BlueBullet   One Roof Community Housing

BlueBullet   PRG, Inc.

BlueBullet   Project for Pride in Living, LLC (PPL)

BlueBullet   Reverse Mortgage Counselors, Inc.

BlueBullet   Scott County Community Development Agency

BlueBullet   Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership

BlueBullet   Strickland Associates

BlueBullet   Three Rivers Community Action

BlueBullet   Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

BlueBullet   Umoja Community Development Corporation

BlueBullet   Washington County Community Development Agency

BlueBullet   West Central Minnesota Communities Action

BlueBullet   White Earth Investment Initiative

BlueBullet   Wright County Community Action