For homeowners facing financial difficulties, the Center and its Homeownership Advisors Network offer refinance and reverse mortgage advice, foreclosure prevention services and access to a variety of specialized rehab and repair programs.

When financial upheaval strikes, staying up to date on your mortgage may seem hopeless. The good news is, there are steps you can take to mitigate the situation until you get back on your feet – as long as you act quickly.

Whether it’s a bout with illness, divorce, loss of a job or something else, we’re all susceptible to temporary financial difficulties. Sometimes, these challenges impact the ability to pay the mortgage. The Minnesota Homeownership Center offers free help for individuals and families faced with such difficulties. Our foreclosure prevention advisors work directly with you and your mortgage servicer to navigate short-term options. We also have advisors that can guide homeowners through the refinancing process, and for individuals facing financial difficulty that have equity in their home, specialized advisors can navigate the pros and cons of potential reverse mortgage options. To find an advisor for any of these areas, click here and scroll to the appropriate search button.

A second area where homeowners may face unexpected challenges is in the area of rehab and repair. Some such needs can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and ignoring the problem is not always an option. The Minnesota Homeownership Center maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date list of rehab and repair grant and loan programs available statewide based on where a home is located. Some programs are income-restricted while others are open to all. To access the latest Rehab & Repair Program Directory, click here.

The bottom line is that banks and communities stand to lose time and money if you lose your home. If this can be avoided, everyone can win.