For those thinking of buying a home, the Center and its Homeownership Advisors Network offer one-on-one advisory services and classroom-style workshops on the home buying process.

There’s no doubt about it – buying a home is a big, big deal. The purchase process is complicated, and the sheer amount of money involved make it the largest transaction many of us will ever take part in. The nonprofit Minnesota Homeownership Center and its Homeownership Advisors Network were created to help navigate the process and facilitate smart decisions.

When an individual or family decides to seriously look into homeownership, the first step they should take is to connect with a Homeownership Advisor. These experts can analyze all of the unique individual circumstances involved and create a roadmap of sorts to get “purchase-ready.” They also can determine your eligibility for down payment assistance and special loan programs. The plan may take a couple months or a couple years, depending on current credit scores and various other factors. Regardless, your Homeownership Advisor will be by your side throughout the entire process. These services are free of charge, and are available throughout the state. To find a Homeownership Advisor near you, click here and scroll down to Find An Advisor.

The other useful resource available to prospective home buyers is comprehensive homeownership education. The Center created and oversees delivery of a culturally competent curriculum called Home Stretch, which is delivered in-person via classroom style workshops taught by certified home buyer education professionals. During this day-long class, attendees hear from lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors and others involved in the purchase transaction. This class is required as a condition of qualifying for certain types of mortgage loans. It is immensely useful and informative for all. To find an upcoming Home Stretch workshop near you, click here.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center believes that the financial benefits of sustainable homeownership should be accessible and achievable for all. Our education and advisory services are a big part of how we live this belief every day.