It’s too cold to hang out outside anymore, so this month on the Welcome Home blog we’re looking at easy indoor improvement and repair projects. This week, painting and refreshing.

Basic home maintenance and repair is one of the responsibilities you take on as a homeowner. Happily, there are many such tasks you can take care of yourself with the help of the internet, and doing so will save you big bucks over hiring a contractor or handyperson. Here are a few such easy tasks under the general heading of Painting and Refreshing (all links lead to

  1. Fix a Loose Showerhead – A loose shower
    head pipe is a pretty common issue in houses of all ages. This annoyance can be
    easily fixed by sliding the cover pate down the pipe, separately taping the
    wall and the top of the shower pipe with painters tape, and then squirting some
    expanding foam around the pipe where it meets the wall. When the foam sets, carve
    off the excess and remove the tape. Slide the cover plate back tight against
    the wall, and you’re done!
  • Re-Caulk Moldy Tub and Shower Caulk – Dirty moldy tub and shower caulk is another common annoyance found in the home. The solution? Remove the old and replace with new. And it’s easier than you might think. If the old caulk is loose, removing it will be easy. For more solid moldy caulk, there are a variety of softening agents sold at hardware stores that will make removal quick work. Once the old caulk is gone and the surfaces have been cleaned, install the new caulk and you’ll have an instant bathroom upgrade! Here’s everything you need to know about installing new caulking.
  • Fix a Hole In the Wall – Got a hole in your drywall? Fixing it can be as easy as picking up a repair kit at your local hardware store. These kits have stick-on mesh to cover the hole with, and spackling paste to brush over it. Wait for the spackle to dry, then sand smooth and repaint. Larger holes can be fixed as shown here.
  • Fix Peeling Wallpaper – Peeling
    wallpaper can ruin the look of a room, but it may not require a complete remodel
    to fix. If there’s a torn area and the separated section is still intact, a
    simple craft glue stick works great for reattaching to the wall. If a seam is
    coming unglued, you may be able to carefully open the detached space with a
    flat head screwdriver and apply some white glue underneath. Press the paper
    back down, wipe away any excess, and your room can often be back to looking
  • Get Rid of Ceiling Stains – Unsightly
    ceiling water stains can often be made to disappear using a simple solution of bleach
    and water (10 percent bleach). Mold and mildew remover sprays often work on
    bathroom ceilings. Be sure to give the spray a couple days to do its magic. By
    the way, if the stain has recently appeared, you’ll want to figure out where it’s
    coming from so the cause can be repaired as well.